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    Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries
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    Investing Process in China

  • Tianjin Overview
    Fuzhou Overview
    Fuzhou (simplified Chinese: 抚州; traditional Chinese: 撫州; pinyin: Fǔzhōu,[fùʈʂóu] ), Fuzhou dialect (Timtonese): Fú-Diù, also named as Gandong (lit. East of Jiangxi. Chinese: 赣东), is a prefecture-level city in the northeastern pa... learn more
  • City Advantage
    City Advantage
    EconomyThe main industries in the area are food, textiles, food processing and light-modeled cars.HistoryPre-Qin History (Before 221 BC)The whole nation was divided into 9 states after the flood control by Ancient Emperor Dayu. Th... learn more
  • 2017/09/11
    FUZHOU - Travelers come to Dingwuling not just for its traditional charms, but for what it lacks."Tourists come every day," said 55-year-old Ding Qiao...
  • 2017/08/30
    Wu Yu-lin from Taiwan works at the Pingtan Taiwan Entrepreneurship Park as deputy general manager of cross-Straits travel agency Grand China Air Group...
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