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    The main industries in the area are food, textiles, food processing and light-modeled cars.


    Pre-Qin History (Before 221 BC)The whole nation was divided into 9 states after the flood control by Ancient Emperor Dayu. The territory of Fuzhou was included in Yangzhou State at that time. There were vicissitudes of jurisdiction to Country Wu (827 BC), to Baiyue Tribes in the Spring and Autumn Period, to Country Chu during the Warring States Period (334 BC). Thereafter it was included in Jiujiang Shire in 26th year of Qin Dynasty (221 BC).Qin and Han Dynasties (221 BC-206 AD)In 204 BC, the territory was attributed to the hereditary estate of Emperor Huainan. Two years later, Yuzhang Shire was dissociated from the hereditary estate of Emperor Huainan. Nancheng County, currently belonging to Fuzhou, was initially appeared as the 11th county in Yuzhang Shire, which contained 18 counties. In 96 AD, another county Linru was named, also belonging to Yuzhang Shire of Yangzhou state.Three Kingdoms to Sui Dynasty (200–618)In 257 AD, County Linru and Nancheng were divided from Yuzhang Shire to establish a new shire Linchuan, which also attributed to Yangzhou state. Thereafter County Linru and Nancheng were divided to 10 counties including Linru,Nancheng, Xiping,Xinjian,Xicheng, Yihuang, Anpu,Nanfeng, Yongcheng, Dongxing. All these counties were jurisdicted by Linchuan Shire, with the administration center in Linru County. In 291 AD, Linchuan Shire was affiliated to Jiang State. In 522 AD, Bashan Shire was divided from Linchuan Shire, ruling 7 counties Xinjian, Xining, Bashan, Dafeng, Xin’an,Xingping, Fengcheng. Linchuan Shire and Bashan Shire belonged to Gao State in 557 AD. The two Shires were replaced by Fu State in 589 AD, in the meaning of appeasing the people. This is the origin of Fu State (Fuzhou).Tang Dynasty and laterIn 811 AD, Fuzhou was upgraded as Shang State. In 975 AD, it was renamed as Jun State. In 1149 AD, Le’an County was established and included to Fuzhou, which rules County Linchuan, Chongren, Yihuang, Jinxi and Le’an at that time. On June 23, 2000, Fuzhou city was officially established as a prefecture-level city in China.

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